Psychotherapy and Counselling

with Joanna Marks

I’m Jo, a qualified and experienced psychotherapist based in Esher, Surrey. I welcome clients in person and online.

Life is challenging, and sometimes it’s a struggle. During such times, we may find it hard to cope and we can feel overwhelmed. It takes courage to admit that we may need support. I believe that true strength lies in recognising that we humans cannot always go it alone. Asking for help is the first essential step towards making a real difference.

Psychotherapy can provide a means to explore our struggles; highlight unhelpful patterns we find ourselves stuck in; and examine beliefs that are holding us back from fulfilling our potential, causing distress, and creating difficulty in our relationship with ourselves and others.

Paradoxically, we make effective change in our lives possible when we get to know and accept ourselves, just as we are, in the present. When we know ourselves more deeply and fully, we increase our ability to manage the ups and downs that are life’s inevitabilities. We become empowered to make wiser choices leading to increasing fulfilment.

I believe that true acceptance of oneself emerges as a result of receiving compassionate acceptance from another person: someone who wants to know us, and welcome us, just as we are. Psychotherapy provides a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space where our challenges can be faced, and where we have somebody who is rooting for us; always on our side.

Through an approach that is informed by thorough and extensive education and training, I aim to work with you in a way that is empathic, thoughtful, collaborative and creative. Together we can make sense of your experience, grounded in a relationship that is honest and respectful.

Whatever you may be bringing to psychotherapy, this process can provide an opportunity for reflection, discovery, healing, change and growth.


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